CDM Regulations

We offer full compliance in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and ensure that all duty holders are aware of their responsibilities and in turn fulfil their roles.

We offer particular guidance and care to the Employer or end user, under our one stop arrangement where we may already be lead designers and automatically assume that role.

It is our experience that in the education sector construction activities are often carried out under a framework or partnership agreement; and this often means that the end user Client has not appointed an Architect or Principal Designer. In these circumstances we will assume this role ensuring full and proper compliance with the CDM Regulations.

We manage the Pre-Construction and Construction Phases of the Health & Safety Plan and give timely approvals to all involved in particular serving the legal required notices to the Health and Safety Executive. We offer practical advice on design and construction risk and designing health and safety risk out of a Project, controlling and monitoring risk throughout the construction process.

In addition to the above Wellesley can offer the following services; onsite health and safety audits, risk analysis and mitigation, bespoke in house CDM training and CDP sessions.