About us

Wellesley started business in 2009 when its 4 founding Directors realised that there was a market opportunity for a multi-disciplinary construction services provider that encompassed all of the major project disciplines. It was felt that a major reason for projects running over budget and out of time was due to the lack of co-ordination between the various professional teams; and that if that fragmented approach could be managed and controlled then Clients would benefit from a new approach that avoided delay, cost overruns and disputes, which sadly are a feature of the industry.

We started with a handful of Clients and through our hard work and professionalism we now, some 9 years later, have a diverse range of Clients all of whom have benefited from our highly co-ordinated approach, whether it be design development, commercial assessment, planning or resolving the contracts that our Clients will enter into.

Since our inception we have managed over £300M of Projects and our Client list has grown to over 75 organisations. We like to believe that our success is founded in our approach, which is customer led and focused on a successful outcome.